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Apthorp Twist: With Eight To Go, It's Hello Dolly!

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Big news out of the Apthorp, the blockbuster condo conversion of the Upper West Side limestone landmark that needs to sell 25 units by September OR ELSE. According to Prudential Douglas Elliman boss Howard Lorber, 17 units have gone into contract so far, and with the click ticking down, the developers have made an AT&T call to the bullpen. Yep, they're bringing in the closer. Ladies and gentlemen, Dolly Lenz! True, the superbroker has been a little down on her luck lately, courtesy of some unflattering profiles filled with details about her getting dropped from other high-profile projects, but "Jaws" is poised for a comeback. How do her co-workers feel about that?

Interestingly, you'll note that we said the developers brought in Lenz, not, you know, her boss. Lorber tells The Real Deal that, "I always told the sponsors that anyone in the company is available to help," and they in turn requested Dolly's services. Will she get the final eight Apthorp apartment sold in time? A confident Lorber called her "an insurance policy." Meanwhile, Howard Margolis, the Elliman broker previously heading up sales at the Apthorp, said "I wanted to go on to other projects." Anyone believe him? After all, who would willingly give up a day job that includes the important task of hobnobbing with Bruce Willis?!
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Apthorp Building

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