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Clinton Park Not Waiting for Hell to Freeze Over

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The swooping ziggurat known as Clinton Park has started to rise from the ground above Eleventh Avenue on the edge of Hell's Kitchen. Long a Curbed favorite, the massive rental tower from Enrique Norten's TEN Arquitectos hit some snags when seeking the zoning variances needed to build as big as developer Two Trees wants. DOB records show applications are in order to build up to the sixth floor right now, but according to those in the know this one is still a go for the full 900 units, and crews are busy building out the ground floor. A Wired New York contributor recently nabbed some shots of facade panels set up at the site. Stables for the NYPD Mounted Unit and a new Mercedes dealership will take up a big chunk of the nearly full-block base. Horses from Hell could soon have one of the snazziest homes in town.
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Mercedes House

555 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019 Visit Website

770 Eleventh Avenue New York NY 10019