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Reader Rant: McCarren Park Getting a Bit Too Trashy

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We asked, you answered. Or at least this guy did, and he has some post-Independence Day thoughts on the scene at McCarren Park:

You guys should do a piece on mccarren park trash. it is absolutely ridiculous the lack of litter enforcement throughout the park on a regular basis, let alone on on the big 'park trash days' of the year (july 4th). it would take one, maybe two cops - also some aptly-placed 'littering punishable by fine' signs to significantly curb people from doing this. Here's a test rating for the park (february 2009 was rated unacceptable for litter). Also, as most would simply pay the fines without heavily defending (if they were to even answer the ticket at all), it would likely be a good source of rev. for the city. Absolutely ridiculous.

We'll add this to the list of McCarren Park scourges?right after errant kickballs, ice cream jingles and scooter thieves.