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A Look at the New & Improved(?) Javits Center

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When the expansion and complete redo of the loathed Javits Center got scrapped for a cheaper renovation, not a whole lot was expected. Then we got our first look at the rendered future Javits Center, and, well, we weren't quite counting down the seconds until ComicCon '13. Now the Architect's Newspaper has a whole slideshow of renderings and plans drawn up by FXFowle, the firm given the Herculean task of breathing new life into the dated Far West Side conference coffin, and we have to admit that we have found something we like: the leaky roof will be topped with 6.5 acres of green goodness. As for the rest of the effort, it involves a whole bunch of transparent glass taking the place of the black-mirrored stuff, as well as mechanical upgrades. A nice improvement, or lipstick on a pig?
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