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Construction Watch: Grand Street Hotel Getting Glassed

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The Grand Street Hotel, a big palace of pleasure that replaced the Moondance Diner down at the edge of Soho, is really reaching to the sky. Up above Sixth Avenue scads of rebar and concrete, planned to shelter a hoped-for rooftop bar, are getting ready for the hotel's final pours. Down below more frames are in place to build the high wall set to encircle the site. That concrete barricade is being done in this year's big thing: faux wood. The other au courant big thing - portholes - will be set into the concrete, giving all that hardness a sense of whimsy. Plus, the little windows will offer those on the outs a peek of the pleasuring taking place inside.

In between all those fun spots broad bands of glass are going in, spanning each of the 14 floors of hotel rooms, all rising above a cantilevered concrete platform floating 40' above the street. That perch will be command central if this one ever gets off the ground. The gang in charge have twice been last minute no-shows for the required fun and games before the State Liquor Authority Licensing Committee at Community Board 2. But the BCRE gang has once again signed up for some verbal interaction at the July 14th meeting of those local watchdogs. It could be a good show. Go early, grab a seat and BYOB.
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27 Grand Street, New York, NY 10012