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Curbed PSA: Yes, Northside Piers is Kinda Free for One Year

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It was just over one week ago when Williamsburg's Northside Piers, twin-towered land of a thousand sales gimmicks, unveiled its most bold ploy to date: offering new buyers one year of covered mortgage payments, common charges and real estate taxes. It's just like living like a Williamsburg squatter! But, like, with cabanas and stuff (and enough in savings for a down payment, we suppose). Anyway, we thought nothing more of the offer until the actual pitch showed up in our inbox, forwarded on by a Curbed reader who incredulously asks, "Is this for real?" Yes, friend, through August 31st, it's totally real. So heartracingly real, in fact, that you might just grab a mimosa and hop up on a banquette!

Also, as seen above, there's some new pricing in the first, already ready already One Northside Piers tower. Spend those savings on another round, ladies!
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Northside Piers

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