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Mount Sinai's New Commandment: Thou Shalt Built Condos

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The hospital controversies are dropping like flies! St. Vincent's looks good to go and now up in East Harlem, Mount Sinai's deal with developers the Durst Organization and Sidney Fetner Associates is sealed. The controversial arrangement got started when Mount Sinai pushed ahead with an 11-story medical center at Madison Avenue and 101st Street designed by SOM. To raise cash the hospital sold off some development rights that will now yield a 43-story apartment building on East 102nd Street, which residents complained will cast long shadows over Central Park. That building, taller than Mount Sinai's grim Annenberg Building, will be designed by Rafael Pelli of Pelli Clarke Pelli and Peter Claman of SLCE, Lois Weiss reports. But that's not all! The deal has also grown to include 1212 Fifth Avenue (right), a 16-story pre-war apartment building owned by Mount Sinai. The developers will renovate the building and convert it to two- and three-bedroom condos, and hope that some house-coveting by neighbors leads to sales.
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1212 Fifth Avenue

1212 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY