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Why Hello Again, 30 Orchard Street, You're Looking Fine

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[Photos by Justin Burris/Curbed Staff]

Down in the BelDel, the first five listings (out of a total of nine) for our favorite new Lower East Side building, 30 Orchard Street, have surfaced. Designed by Ogawa-Depardon—an architecture firm which, oddly, designed trippy bathroom joint Bar 89 in Soho—there's just something about the glassy front facade and the raw steel sides of 30-O that gets us. At the lower end, two one-bedrooms on the fifth floor price out at $636,500 for 526 square feet and $754,500 for 623 square feet. At the other end of the spectrum, there's some very appealing looking outdoor space at the $2.3 million duplex penthouse. One other note: the building has no official website—though this awesomeness would certainly suffice for our purposes.
· Listings: 30 Orchard Street [Corcoran]

30 Orchard Street

30 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002