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Construction Watch: 290 Mulberry's Stairway to Heaven

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At the northern edge of Nolita there's a big box atop SHoP Architects' nearly-finished harlequin-faced condo at 290 Mulberry Street. It hangs off the southeast corner, with heavenly views of Old St. Patrick's down the way, the Puck Building across the street and other downtown gems in the distance. This box in the sky has just been encased in glass and one might surmise that it's the greatest of rooms in the coolest three-story penthouse (asking $7.5 million) East Houston Street has to offer. In actuality there's nothing but stairs inside, winding their way from floor to floor with wide views to the south and west. Perhaps the choice to frame the vistas are a ploy to encourage the future penthouse dwellers to skip the elevator and get some exercise. Or maybe it'll be the owners' private place to get away from it all. Come September, with the rowdy Feast of San Gennaro in full swing down below, they might need one.
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