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CurbedWire: 2 Fifth Follow-Up, Novgratz'd on E. 4th!

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And now, CurbedWire, our end-of-day roundup of this, that, other. Got news, gossip, photofun for us? Please email We thank you.

CENTRAL VILLAGE—Following up on this morning's clarification about the brick attack bulge at co-op 2 Fifth Avenue, a special correspondent dropped by to assay the scene. Noted (above): a new sidewalk shed going up, and plastic wrap of some variety affixed to an upper level of the building. Let's all feel safer together! [CurbedWire]

EAST VILLAGE—Our blogging comrade EV Grieve, about whose guest editing stint at Curbed we'll have more to say tomorrow—hits us with this update: "Too often, we only seem to be reporting on abandoned or stalled construction projects. However, over in the East Village, there’s one building making steady, noticeable progress. The six-story townhouse at 238 E. 4th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B—at the site of a former one-level construction company—continues its upward march. Perhaps that's due to the presence of the super-awesome Bob and Cortney Novogratz, who are designing and developing the 3,000-square-foot penthouse for the new townhouse's top two floors; asking $4 million. The next time we look, we'll expect to see someone moving in." [CurbedWire]

2 Fifth Avenue

2 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY