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What's Selling in Manhattan Real Estate? Mingus' Loft!

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Back in February, we gazed admiringly at the funky loft space at 5 Great Jones Street in Noho once inhabited by jazz great Charles Mingus (above); it had hit the market priced at $1.995 million for 2,300 square feet of space. In April, it was PriceChopped down to $1.85 million, and last month, it sold at that price. That word comes courtesy of blogging broker Sandy Mattingly, who explains: "The Manhattan loft #2 at 5 Great Jones Street was marketed for its character ('authentic artist' loft, 14 foot tin ceilings) and its provenance ('[o]nce the home of Jazz great Charles Mingus and the creator of Big Bird Kermit Love'). At '2,300 sq ft' on a peculiar block, I am not sure if the February asking price of $1.995mm included a discount for condition or a premium for provenance. Either way, the mild April drop to $1.85mm certainly did the trick."
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