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More West Chelsea Architectural Insanity: The Sky Galouse!

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The troubled little lot at 552 West 24th Street, where DeArch Architects showed designs for a combo of condos and gallery space, is showing signs of life. Mind-blowing life, in fact. Word came last spring that the owner was looking for a player with deep pockets, claiming that the site would be delivered with a load of goodies "including completed building plans and architectural drawings, all of which will save a considerable amount of time and soft costs." It's not clear if a new owner is on board, but some all new designs have appeared on the website of DeArch Architects. They're called "Sky Galouse"—theories on that, please—and show two alternative proposals for the 100' x 50' site, both glassier, glossier, and all around more eye-popping than what was previously imagined for the site. All that transparency might afford fantastic views of the levitating car show to come at 200 Eleventh Avenue, Annabelle Selldorf's glistening tower of parkage rising right next door.
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552 West 24th Street

552 West 24th Street, New York, NY

200 11th Avenue

200 11th Avenue, New York, New York