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CurbedWire: PC Richards Unloads in Chelsea, More!

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CHELSEA—Ah, for the days when the gold-plated Sub-Zero truck would back up to new developments. A tipster sends the above photograph and this note: "I had to laugh out loud early this morning as I've now seen a giant tractor trailer pull up to this nearly-finished luxury condo building three days in a row. And the tractor trailer is filled with appliances from .... P.C. Richard!! I refer back to your April 27 article Chelsea Enclave Trimmed. It's rather pathetic that multimillion-dollar condos are being outfitted by the perceived cheapest appliance purveyor in new York City." [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHINATOWN—20 Mott Street will be an eight-story commercial building, according to this tidbit, sent our way by a Curbed operative. The building's contractor, Apollo Builders, say the expect to complete the building by the end of this year, but judging by the photo snapped last week by our operative, that ain't gonna happen (photo after the jump). [CurbedWire]

Chelsea Enclave

177 9th Avenue, New York, NY