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Trippy Visions For Remaking The Bronx's Grand Concourse

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The Grand Concourse in The Bronx: so vital! So gritty! So the perfect place for a series of crazy architectural visions about how it might be remade! Hence, a competition called Intersections: The Grand Concourse Beyond 100, sponsored by the Bronx Museum of the Arts and the Design Trust for Public Space, and brought to our attention by the Architect's Newspaper. Above, a photogallery of the seven finalists, which we urge you to page through if only to reveal lines like this: "Today devitalized by cars, we propose to revegetate the Grand Concourse all the way long. Intensify the ground by a streetcar. Open the roofs connected one to another to a new public space giving an other felt of space. Make the Grand Concourse a moving landscape by extrapoling existing infrastructure."
· Grand Concourse Beyond 100 [Official Site]
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