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Noho #1: On Epic Bond St. Block, 41-43 Bond Digs In

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On the one-block stretch of Bond Street in Noho that perhaps best defines modern architecture in New York City this decade, things are looking up for self-storage kingpin Adam Gordon—and after the doldrums of the past year, no doubt he's digging it. Gordon's stalled site at 41-43 Bond—just across the way from the glory that is 40 Bond>—has seen the recent arrival of heavy machinery, and Dept. of Buildings has finally issued a New Building Permit for what's to become a nine-story clutch of de-luxe condos. The eight-unit building, fronting onto Bond with a sleek limestone facade and sporting an all-glass behind, is designed by architect Steven Harris, whose website shows the goods.

And indeed, there are new signs of life up and down Bond Street, not surprising for this former Block of the Year, with a full restoration of the blond-bricked 42 Bond across the way and the completed vertical extension at 45 Bond right next door. Not to mention the string of oldies running from 49-55 Bond, each under various stages of scaffolding and shedwork. With all this activity it's no wonder the golden gang that hangs around down the block are kicking up their heels in the summer sun.
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41 Bond Street

41 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website