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Curbed Hamptons: 10 Most Talked-About Listings, And More!

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The latest headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End...

1) It's the summer of Amagansett, at least in real estate: behold the six homes that have just gone to contract on the Amagansett lanes.

2) It's the summer of controversy! Eh, no more than usual, but what the heck: here are the 10 most talked-about Hamptons listings. And in breaking news concerning talked-about listings, the Feds have unloaded the Southampton waterfront mansion of hedge fund manager awaiting trial James Nicholson for $25.3 million (down from original $33m asking).

3) It's the summer of pop-up stores! Eh, it's always the summer of pop-up stores since Target took over Bridgehampton a couple of seasons back, but hey, this weekend only, it's Stella McCartney opening on Springs Fireplace Road in East Hampton.

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