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Williamsburg's Hot Karl Lake Getting Pumped

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When Hot Karl Beach—the expanse of land in Williamsburg at Bedford and N. 12th that's home to a stalled Karl Fischer-designed development—devolved into Hot Karl Lake, sadness swept across the land. But lo! Comes blogger Restless with the news that the beach soon may be back: "I recently saw workers tinkering with the pipes, and as you can see from these pictures, the pumping has begun. I would guess there's enough gold and heavy metal in the filtrating guts of those tanks to pay for the pumping 10 times over." No doubt!

A special correspondent sends the above photo and this note: "Check out Hot Karl at Grand and Driggs! I know you guys have written about this site in the past. Methinks it was supposed to be 10+ stories. Suffice it to say they're rather busy nowadays."

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