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Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Ave. Meets Street, Blows Minds

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If it's Friday, it must be time for an update on the big box of broken glass at 100 Eleventh Avenue. Better known in unconquered lands as the Vision Machine, this arching tower is brought to us by our favorite Frenchman, Jean Nouvel. The enigmatic Man in Black, most recently seen in these parts while knocking away gnats downtown, has imagined a hall of mirrors for the base of this cluster of condo-liciousness overlooking both the Hudson River and the High Line Park. The latest from the scene: big panels of canted glass are being installed around the base fronting both Eleventh Avenue and West 19th Street. As if that weren't enough, word from the world of foodies is that starchi-chef Thomas Keller could be opening an eatery here as early as this fall. That could make for the perfect place to celebrate with some champagne when Mr. N's next big New York thing gets the a-okay come autumn and starts digging out in midtown.
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100 Eleventh Avenue

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