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Arrested Development: Weeds Sprouting Near Seaport

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Nearly two years have passed since plans for a seven-story residence next to the Brooklyn Bridge near the South Street Seaport (at 254 Front Street, to be exact) first surfaced. Sounded like a promising development, which included a ground-floor retail/restaurant space, that would rise from the mostly empty lot Jeremy's Alehouse once called home. (Despite grumbling from many regulars, Jeremy's safely relocated one block to the south in 2004.) According to the details at the time, via Morris Adjmi Architects: "254 Front Street celebrates the history of the surrounding buildings while looking toward the future... The steel and glass awnings at street level are suspended by cables in homage to the adjacent Brooklyn Bridge."

All good. And yet: a trip past the 254 Front Street site, which is owned by Barry Akrongold of Fortune Financial and Investment Corp., reveals — an empty lot. The work permits have expired. The only thing seen growing were weeds.

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254 Front Street

254 Front Street, New York, NY 10038