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Another Hotel is Coming to FiDi! For Some Reason!

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Down in the FiDi, it appears work permits have been renewed at 24 and 26 John Street, a site that's seen little activity in recent months. According to the Dept. of Buildings, the current seven-floor structure is getting an additional 14 floors for a hotel. If all goes as planned, the still-unnamed hotel will join The Hotel Reserve, which opened in December around the corner, and Gild Hall in a neighborhood that may not really need another option. By the way, the architect is the busy Queens-based Gerald J. Caliendo. As the Observer noted last summer, "Over the past 6 1/2 years, Gerald Caliendo ... had 1,604 individual new residential buildings permitted by the Department of Buildings, more than any other architect in the city."
· Building Permit: 24-26 John Street [DOB]