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Rite Aid's Carroll Gardens Ad Campaign Apparently Timeless

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It's been a few years since Rite Aid took over the northwest corner of Smith Street and President Street in Carroll Gardens. When it opened, it brought a bit of stifling suburbia to this corner of Brooklyn, right down to the large, bland, anodyne photographs of contented Rite Aid consumers that filled the big windows along President. One was of a sleekly pretty, black-suited, multi-tasking executrix applying some red lipstick while fielding a phone call. The other was of a smiling blonde family sitting in the sunshine and pleasantly pointing at something in the distance.
It's an ad campaign that Rite Aid apparently has seemingly decided is timeless. Because those same pictures are still there, these many months later. I wonder, did they forget about them? Do they invest in only one ad campaign every decade? Or do they just not give a shit?

I've grown so accustomed to the cool beauty with the lipstick that I sometime give her a wave on my way to the Carroll Street subway stop and refer to her as my girlfriend. As for the sunny family, they only nauseate me. I wonder how many people have noticed that the man in the picture is actor Stephen Collins from 7th Heaven? Jesus. You'd think he would have made enough dough from that show not to have to pose for Rite Aid. Lost City