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It Happened One Weekend: How Do You Feel About Real Estate?

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1) It has come to this: "'The tipping point for many people is when they finally become exhausted by their emotions,' said Kathleen Gurney, the chief executive of the Financial Psychology Corporation in Miami, which studies the psychology of money management. 'People will do anything to not regret how they feel.'" Merely confirming what we've always known: real estate makes people crazy. [Real Estate Cover Story/NYTimes]

2) Two siblings move from 450 square feet of cramped insanity on Thompson Street to the spacious, 800 square foot confines of a Stuyvesant Town apartment: "Now, when Ms. Fink buys groceries, she doesn’t have to worry about lugging heavy bags up four flights of stairs. And they were dazzled by the presence of a linen closet; they barely knew what to put in it." Who says Tishman-Speyers can't get good press? [Habitats/NYTimes]

3) Another apartment hunt tale, this one from a blogger who moved from Williamsburg to Park Slope (heresy!). What does she make of her 15 minutes of fame? "The photograph is deeply unflattering but I suppose I should rise above such trivialities in the name of the Gray Lady." [The Hunt/NYTimes]

4) Tribeca man exits OTB with cigar in hand; stands on sidewalk grate which collapses, plunging him 30 feet below the sidewalk; gets self rescued be firemen shortly thereafter with minimal bruises. Wife: "He enjoys the horses; that's for sure." [NYPost]