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On the Market: Super Modern at 157 Hudson Street

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A recent visit to the marble palace at 157 Hudson Street in Tribeca left us so blinded by opulence that we could barely find our way out. While stumbling about the totally transformed American Express stables, we happened upon something completely unexpected from architect Ben Hansen. Treading carefully down the central staircase, we wandered through the front door of unit 1D.

Inside the open foyer we were brought to our senses by a wall in eye-popping persimmon. Peeking around the corner we found a sleek and modern expanse of white with abundant glass and wood everywhere, perfect for some young dude with deep pockets and an obedient entourage. An open kitchen in marble and steel leads to the main room beyond. A few steps up, two bedrooms, definitely not for the meek or shy, are set behind a wall of frosted glass running half a block long. Everywhere amongst the new are hints of what used to be: cast iron columns here, exposed floor beams there. And way in the distance and down a long and sloping runway, totally model ready, is a set of huge wooden stable doors with little windows above, all re-fitted and painted a deep racing green, opening directly out to Laight Street. This little Tribeca hide-away, all 2,700 square feet, is asking $2.395 million; models and entourage extra.
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