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Reade Street Collapse Update: 3 Months Later, Not Much Moving

It's been over three months since the calamitous collapse of an old loft building at 71 Reade Street / 89 Chambers down where Tribeca butts up against the world of government and finance. That early morning crumble of bricks and beams led to finger pointing between the owner of 71 Reade and the folks involved in a totally separate condo project next door, each claiming that the other could be at fault. Ever hopeful that time (and money) heals everything, Curbed operatives recently paid a return visit to the scene of the accident. Seen there: a big mess at the collapse site, with little progress beyond the clearing of debris. The Dept. of Buildings shows that recent applications for bracing up 71's neighbor to the east have been disapproved. Meanwhile, the neighboring project at 73-77 Reade / 91-95 Chambers has started to grow, with the first floor up above the street and rising. The plan from BKSK Architects, now in action, calls for a "horizontal & vertical enlargement" to create 38 units and 65,000 square feet of new space. This area has had more than its share of cares and woes. Let's hope that some good luck and energy are bestowed upon the tumble down neighbor and that these two projects soon stand side by side, BFFs.
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77 Reade Street

77 Reade Street, New York, NY 10007