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Nolita's New Petrosino Square Fattening Up for Fall

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The remaking of Petrosino Square—the park that occupies the space in the Soho/Nolita DMZ where Lafayette Street meets La Esquina—is progressing, and the park could meet its revised mid-October opening. The new park was recently slated for September, but a shipment of granite had to work its way through the ports, causing the extra delay. (Community Board 2 explained that the granite was needed for a new curb, since the park was slightly enlarged from the original plan.) A few neighbors started to get antsy about further setbacks, and word circulated that the park's unplanted trees teetered on the brink of death. When a Curbed operative dropped by last week, though, the trees looked plump and juicy, the jackhammers were hard at work, and progress, sweet progress, was at hand.
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