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CurbedWire: Scaffolding Collapse at Park Slope's Ansonia

A scaffold hanging off the side of The Ansonia co-op at 7th Avenue and 12th Street in Park Slope collapsed in the midst of renovation work, with one construction worker fatality confirmed. Per ABC-7, several other workers were dangling from the scaffold but were pulled safely inside. On the scene reports from Brooklynian as the news unfolded: "there are now several more ambulances and fire trucks PLUS two helicopters hovering over the scene... the response is huge. 3 helicopters now. reporters arriving. fdny press office just pulled up... I'm on the east side of the block and I can see an entire sectiom of scaffold has collapsed... it looks like a section of scaffold dropped two stories then split in half. one half appears to have stayed horizontal while the other went vertical." Developing... UPDATE 6:06PM: Live video streaming from Fox News helicopters here. The damaged scaffold is hanging off a side of the building. 6:08PM: CityRoom files; cites 438 12th Street as exact address. [CurbedWire]