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Chain Gang! Or, Where The Chain Stores Are

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The Center for an Urban Future's annually fascinating report on chain stores in the five boroughs again puts Dunkin' Donuts on top, with 429 stores—68 more than second-place Subway. But what neighborhoods have the most chain stores? Counting down the top five:

5) 11373 Corona/Elmhust, Queens—138 outlets
4) 10019 Midtown West/Columbus Circle—148 outlets
3) 10003 East Village/Union Square—151 outlets (and growing!)
2) 10001 Garment District/Koreatown—160 outlets
1) 10314 New Springville/Staten Island Mall—188 outlets

Yep, Staten Island takes the top, thanks in large part to a big zip code area. As for Brooklyn, Flatlands charts at #8 (132 outlets), and dear sweet Brooklyn Heights at #9 (124 outlets).
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