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In Google's View, At Least, Bed-Stuy Still Not Gentrified

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A Curbed reader emails, "I thought you guys would appreciate what I just found in the glorious land that is the internet, given that you are interested in neighborhood/real-estate things in and around Brooklyn. My boyfriend and I are moving out of our apartment in Bay Ridge that we’ve been in for three years in February and I’ve started looking around at apts on Craigslist to see what’s up with the housing market these days. I found one apartment listing today that seemed a little too good to be true (in my price range with a balcony and all new steel appliances and a jet tub—apparently the new thing landlords are installing these days to charge higher rent for apts in shittier neighborhoods), and decided to check out the google map attached to the listing. Sure enough, the place was in/around the Myrtle & Marcy Ave. intersection, and the best part of all was the Google Street View that showed up."

"Irony! Oh irony. You are pretty funny. Now, let me point out that I wasn’t laughing because I think crime in poor neighborhoods is funny. I don’t. I think it’s shameful that in this day and age people in low income neighborhoods still can't seem to come by a decent education, good jobs and opportunities to pull themselves and their surroundings out of the mire (though the chicken vs. egg argument will always be valid in these cases). Point is? this was pretty funny. Illustrative of a point, but obviously non-chuckle-inducing to the people that live there."

· Myrtile at Marcy Aves. [Google Maps]