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Brief Stirring at Red Hook's Endlessly Enbalmed 160 Imlay

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Back in March, a court decision finally cleared the gates for the endlessly delayed development of Red Hook's hulking 160 Imlay Street into residential properties. Soon after, the netting that hung on the property like a shroud began to come down, and Imlay's principal developer, Bruce Batkin, was bought out by one of his partners, Bruce Federman. Sigh. That was a busy time.

Since then, however, little has happened alongside this lonely coastal building alongside the Red Hook waterfront. So, the sight earlier this week of a tiny bit of work going on astride the building's facade stirred the soul. Two men on a piece of window-washer-style scaffolding were doing a bit of clean-up! Why? What for? Why only two?

Who knows. According to the Department of Building, there's still a stop-work order on the building. And so 160 Imlay continues apace, which is to say, not moving at all. —Lost City
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