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In Cobble Hill, A Restoration Success Story

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There's been criticism floated concerning the long, painstaking renovation of No. 4 Verandah Place, one of our favorite buildings on Cobble Hill's picturesque lane of former carriage houses. When the old door was replaced by a cold gray metal portal last December, we feared the worst for the small, romantically crumbling structure.

But, lo and behold, the work on No. 4 is suddenly done, and it must be counted as one of the most successful restorations in Cobble Hill since the reclamation of the old boxy house at the corner of Degraw and Henry. It's simple and handsome, the bigger windows still have panes, and the red brick appears to be of a very high quality, causing the building to blend in effortlessly with its brothers down the block. Well done. Lost City
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