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Unseen New Neighbor for 99 John Rising in FiDi

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Another project has emerged from the thaw of last winter's freeze and is starting to rise at 40 Gold Street in FiDi. This one's just south of the big dig along Fulton Street and overlooking what's to be an all-new Delury Square. Picture it: an irregular mid-block site covering about 4,800 square feet that will grow to 14 stories and hold 56 units.

Topping it out on the 14th floor will be what's basically the party package: "Non-Commercial Kitchen (Accessory to Residential), Tenants Roof Terrace, Recreation Room (Accessory to Residential)." The 12 floors of apartments down below will be just a beer can's throw across narrow Ryder's and Eden's Alleys to the recently-converted 99 John/15 Cliff Street. Directly across Gold Street sits the 1888 Excelsior Power Company Building, a Romanesque revival classic by William Milne Grinnell whose facade boasts some of the best Art Nouveau lettering in the city.

The design is from Meltzer Mandl Architects, whose website shows nothing of the design but does display other similarly sized buildings that they've worked on around NYC. Got scoop on what 40 Gold will look like? Do drop us a line.
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40 Gold St Apartments

40 Gold St, New York, NY