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On the Market: Amity Street Horror Still On the Block

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A lot has happened to Long Island College Hospital's Lamm Institute building—better known round most parts as the Amity Street Horror—in the past two years. Not too long ago, Time Equities was planning to turn the landmark building at 110 Amity Street in Cobble Hill into a mews development project. Locals objected. Loudly. And it was turned down by the Landmark Preservation Commission. This led Time Equity's CEO to pen an open letter to local bloggers, vowing, "We will re-conceive the project in a traditional street wall approach and try to present a plan that is responsive to the input received at the most recent Landmark hearing." Only, they never did. Instead, they threw in the towel and put the land up for sale.

In spring 2008, Massey Knakel had the listing. Apparently, they didn't do too well, because now Corcoran's on the case. Here's how they're selling the $3.9 million property:

This 14,243sf building can be your amazing single family house, or can be converted into a residential building with apartments for sale or rent, or can also be the perfect setting for a school, medical offices or much more. Wait a minute. "Medical offices." WTF? That's what it was used for. Hey, maybe LICH wants to buy it back!
—Lost City
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110 Amity Street

110 Amity Street, Brooklyn, NY