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In Cobble Hill, United Colors of Construction Netting

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Work on the long-decrepit 364 Henry Street, the cracked Cobble Hill brownstone which sat idle for many years and became known around the area as a hotel for cats, has been strong and steady all through the summer. Back in April, it was determined that the long southern wall had to come down in order to save the building. That wall is now removed, and the structure stands for all to see, like a can of sardines with the lid ripped off. Makes for fun watching! There's an open view of each floor from the street and patient observers can watch the working busily mill about as long as they like.

The view is only obscured by a curtain of protective netting. Two vertical stripes of black, two of orange, one of yellow and then four more of black. The design was unintentional, but it's rather attractive. Like a Rothko or Barnett Newman, perhaps?
Lost City
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