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Williamsburg Gym Scammer Back in Business!

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Does $29 a month to join a health club sound too good to be true? Not if you're a Williamsburg resident who happens to live near to live near the new development at 117 South 3rd Street, where a gym called Cutting Edge has been advertising exactly that deal. Is the gym illegal and the whole thing sketchy? Of course! Miss Heather at NYShitty digs through the whole steaming pile, discovering—and this is really too good to be true—that it's the masterwork of John Suarez. Who is John Suarez? Oh, as Gothamist points out, just the dude that ran the famous Williamsburg Gym Scam of 2004, a scheme in which the "muscle-bound fitness freak" collected monies for a gym that never opened and then was ordered never to open another gym again. Fuck that! Dude is back and for $29/month, you can party his way. This is going to be fun.
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