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At Waldorf Towers, It's NYC's Most Expensive Bland Rental!

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So, check this place out! Kind of an upscale corporate hotel vibe, no? Certainly a step up from that Courtyard by Marriot we hit up last month. And sure enough, we're in a hotel here—midtown's legendary Waldorf Towers. And there's an extra touch of legend too—this just so happens to be the six-bedroom apartment where Cole Porter hung his hat from 1934 through 1964. And, to top it all off, per Jennifer Gould Keil in today's Post, "Filmmaker Oliver Stone recently checked out the unit as a possible home for one of his greed-driven characters in his upcoming Wall Street sequel." That's all so cool and great. But holy mother of destitution—$140,000/month in rent? We can't even see Gordon Gekko springing for that.

· Listing: Waldorf Towers #33A [Brown Harris Stevens]
· $140k for Top Rental [NYPost, 2nd item]