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Surprise Happy Ending to Carroll Gardens Basil War!

Like a thriller that keeps surprising you with false endings, there's a new chapter in the Basil War that has gripped Carroll Gardens this summer.

Some recap first. The war began when the residents of a building on President Street near Henry, enraged that some varmint was filching the fresh basil growing outside their door, posted a sign reading, "PLEASE Stop taking our BASIL! IT IS VERY Cheap AND YOU CAN buy you own. P.S. The children are quite disturbed by your actions. And so are the adults."

Oh, the humanity! Apparently, the thieves did not heed the admonishment. (They rarely do.) A little more than a week later, the basil was gone, removed by the owners, and there was a new, sadder sign: "No more basil for you to take. The End." (The basil owners also perhaps didn't care for the many jokes at their expense posted on the internet.)

That would seem to be that. But no!

Today fresh basil grows anew on President Street. It was apparently a gift, for next to it is a simple sign written (by a kid, judging from the spelling) on a piece of white paper: "Hey, Hwoever you are, thanks for the new basil!!!" There's also a happy face and a heart.

Nice. Let's hope the original thieves don't strike again. If they do, they are stone-hearted villains indeed. —Lost City