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High Line Scraps Derided 'High Line Improvement District'

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So much for that—in an email this afternoon, the group Friends of the High Line says it's tabling its idea to tax residents and businesses around the High Line to help pay for park upkeep. From the email:

Friends of the High Line and the District's Steering Committee sought broad community input on the idea of creating an Improvement District to help the City's new High Line park. The Steering Committee reached out to the larger High Line community, so that their responses would help determine whether to move forward. Following these public outreach efforts, it was decided to put the proposal on hold. While many strongly supported the concept, important concerns were also raised.Or, to summarize the state of affairs a different way, oooops! Back to the drawing board to find another way to raise the $1 million a year that Improvement District fees were forecast to bring in.
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