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Nice Bike Lane; Make Sure Your Brakes Work

As part of the ongoing Brooklyn Greenway program, the City built a two-lane bike lane, separate from the road, along Columbia Street from Congress Street at the north end to Degraw at the south. It's a lovely piece of work, safe and smooth and roomy. There's only one problem: it doesn't go anywhere. Traveling south, once you get to Degraw, the path swings to the right onto Van Brunt. Then, after about 100 yards, it comes to a dead halt at a row of orange pylons. You have no choice at that point but to hit the streets, or turn around and bike back to Congress. According to the Greenway site, the city has plans for further biking along Van Brunt Street. But the stretches of pavement earmarked for the Greenway are cast into three categories: Dedicated; Opportunity/Reconstruction; and Problem. Van Brunt is a "Problem." "DOT plans to cut this 15-ft. sidewalk to 6 ft. under its pending reconstruction plans. Piers 8-10 will continue as container port," reads a note. Hm. Well, at least that stretch of Columbia is plenty scenic. Oh, wait...Lost City
· Map of Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway [Brooklyn Greenway]