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Yet Another Glassy Bowery Hotel Revealed!

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At a time when guests are currently paying $159/night for $1,000/night rackrate rooms at the Thompson LES hotel, and two more new hotels are already coming to the nabe, would any sane hotelier still think it's a good idea to add yet another place to the Bowery/LES hotel glut? Naturellement. Above, feast your eyes on a new hotel slated for an unidentified piece of land "between the Lower East Side and Soho." It's the work of ODA, the architects behind the rising Grand Street Hotel, and this as-yet-unnamed place will have 220 rooms. The twist? The rooms are slated to be really, really small!

How small will the rooms be? So small that the shower is now a cylindrical tube, and the toilet appears to be more or less on full display. According to the architects, it's a feature, not a bug: "With the skin of the bathroom removed, the guts of the fixtures were exposed and celebrated. The guest could now experience the entire room from the door threshold." Do experience these itty-bitty rooms, and the itty-bitty models that inhabit them, in the photogallery above. Meantime, anyone with intel on where exactly this thing is going to rise, do drop us a line?
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