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42nd Street's Silver Towers Turns on the Nightlight

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By day, the twin Silver Towers buildings are a hulking colossus on the Far West Side skyline. By night, the new and somewhat unfinished 60-story luxury rental towers are nearly invisible?until, well, this: "Just recently," a tipster writes, "after it got behind schedule for 2+ months, one of the two towers was finally completed. (Just in time for the booming rental market...) The lights on top of the building are SO annoying... It is such an eye sore, as you can see from the attached photos, the lights are way bigger and brighter than anything else around it." Maybe it's a style thing, or maybe it's a warning for low-flying news choppers. Either way, as far as weirdo west side light shows go, Silver Towers has got nothing on Hotel Hell.

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