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WTC Slapfight Update

Today's the big day when the Port Authority officially turns over the Tower 2 site at the World Trade Center complex to developer Larry Silverstein. Which means it's the perfect time for both sides to issue bitchy press releases! From our inbox, Port Authority: "This final site turnover ends the Port Authority’s obligation to pay $300,000 a day in liquidated damages to SPI and, in turn, triggers SPI’s obligation to build its three towers... All three towers must be completed at the latest in 2014." Silverstein: "Our attention now must turn to the Port Authority’s other major WTC infrastructure obligations, which must be completed as a precondition for construction... The same Port Authority bureaucracy that turned this straightforward, one to two year effort to dig a hole into a three-and-a-half year ordeal must do better." [CurbedWire]