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Reader Rant: Williamsburg's Got a Great Big Convoy

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If Kent Avenue didn't exist, it would have to be invented, if only to give Williamsburgers something to kvetch about that doesn't involve Karl Fischer. The rejiggering of the waterfront zoomway into a one-way, more bike-lane-accommodating avenue is underway, and already the early reviews are trickling in. Writes one Curbed tipster:

Today marks the first day of the Kent Avenue change in traffic direction (one of your favorite topics). And of course, despite assurances by the planners, traffic has been diverted to Wythe Avenue, not Roebling as proposed. This morning there was a virtual convoy of 18-wheelers, delivery trucks and vans whipping around the corner of Broadway and Wythe. Clearly red lights and pedestrians are merely a suggestion to slow down or stop. I hate to say, but it will probably take a major accident, hit-and-run or other tragedy to get the DOT to consider policing the change in traffic pattern and to direct trucks to the correct route. No signage nothing to indicate where anyone is supposed to go was posted. Calls to 311 haven't done anything.Our advice to the Burg: Fire up those ironically purchased CB radios and tell those truckers what's what. And then hide.
· Kent Avenue coverage [Curbed; photo above via Brownstoner]