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Prefabulous Inwood Box Building Revealed

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Rough market be damned, the northern territories still have a few surprises up their sleeves. Take, for example, the plans for 4857 Broadway, a new 28-unit rental building way up near 204th Street. The design comes to us from Peter Gluck & Partners, the same firm that so thoroughly blew our minds with that punched-out townhouse in Turtle Bay. That was nothing.

In this new era of necessary cost-cutting to help a project see the light of day, Peter the Gluck has responded with this devilish little plan: prefab! The entire building will be constructed by a fabricator in Pennsylvania over three months, and then installed on site in just eight days. Despite that lightning-quick production timetable, 4857 Broadway isn't expected to open until spring 2010, according to a marketing flier (warning: PDF) for the building's retail space. Each apartment is its own little box, according to the description on Gluck's website:

The prefrabricated units are able to cantilever out of the facade plane since each one is a structurally isolated box. An overarching "plaid" pattern of colored panels and window systems accentuates the impression of boxes coming in and out of the facade plane.
But will these plaid boxes indeed be rentals? A construction industry website, updated on 8/8, lists the project as condos. Either way, consider us pre-psyched.
· Broadway Prefab Housing [Gluck Partners]

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4857 Broadway, New York, NY