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Standard Hotel Strip Show Too Hot for the High Line?

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The peep show that is the High Line-straddling Standard Hotel has garnered the raves of some Curbed readers and encouraged some bloggers to break out the zoom lenses, but what about the children? Won't somebody think of the children? The NY Post sure will, and the paper goes after the hotel's public displays of affection today, though most of the "disgusted neighbors" that have witnessed "men masturbating, professional porn films being shot and couples engaging in sex" don't seem at all that disgusted. The manager of the Brass Monkey bar even helpfully advises voyeurs that Saturday nights are best for catching a show in the hotel's windows. But might the naughtiness soon get reined in? The Standard, which has openly courted exhibitionists in the past, turned a bit shy when the Post came calling, and City Council killjoy Christine Quinn pledged to put the pressure on. Hooray, innocence saved!
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