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HL23 Almost Ready to Show Off its Big Glass

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The cantilevering condolerium from architect Neil Denari called HL23, which reaches out over the High Line above West 23rd Street, is in the final stages of structural fire-proofing and is about to get some glass. Gargantuan glass! What's to come are no run-of-the-mill panes, but some of the largest slabs of glass ever installed in a residential high rise. They measure up to 11' high by 6' wide and, when put together, create vista opportunities running nearly 40' long in each unit. The glass is low-iron and color-free, which results in a level of clarity that may bring about The Standard Part II. Avert your eyes, kiddies!

The glass and stainless steel curtain wall was conceived in collaboration with the New York office of facade specialists Front, Inc., whose website offers a gallery of the glass going up at HL23. Contractor Via Glass put the panels together, incorporating thin stainless steel mullions that are claimed to be nearly invisible, giving the facade an even more transparent appearance. White ceramic frit, following the pattern of the building's steel structure, has been added to certain areas of the glass, allowing for a bit of privacy here and there. Deluxe interiors by architect Thomas Juul-Hansen are top of the line and appropriately minimally modern, but they can't help but be second banana to the wide open spaces on view outside the big windows. For High Line lovers there is one swell duplex up top, complete with nine rooms and a wrap-around terrace offering full park views, available for a dizzying $11.5M.
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