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Dumbo's Next Blockbuster Condo Conversion: 25 Washington?

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Is 25 Washington Street the next dear old Dumbo industrial building to become a fresh batch of Brooklyn trophy homes? All signs point to... probably! The brick building next to the Manhattan Bridge is currently being used as office space and is just one charming old chunk of the Brooklyn 'hood in the portfolio of Dumbo masterminds Two Trees Management. Recently, the following tip came in:

I guess it's common knowledge that 25 Washington in Dumbo is being converted to residential [Ed.?Uh, is it?], displacing the 100+ small business within. What's a little weird is that the A/C compressor is out again and a call over to the Two Trees commercial property guy, yielded this result..."I don't care, you guys are all out of there in November anyway." Hey, that's soon! So what does Two Trees have to say about this potential conversion?

Er, nothing! Through a spokesman, the developer declined to comment. Perhaps Two Trees is feeling a little press shy after all that hubbub surrounding the Dock Street battle. Adding some intrigue, there's an application on file for a two-story extension to the building (with "accessory cabana spaces" on the roof) in 2007. It was approved back then, but the DOB issued a permit for the job only this past February. The architect on the application is Jared Della Valle of the firm Della Valle + Bernheimer, they of the High Line blinders. Although, it kind of looks like the building already got its new topping doesn't it? Dumbo historians, let us know.
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