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Construction Watch: 785 Eighth Loses Hell's Sidewalk Shed

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After three years of construction the busy corner of Eighth Avenue and West 48th Street is finally obstacle free. The 43-story tower, Hell's Needle to some but now known officially as S48 (it's controlled by the money men at Sorrento Asset Management), slices into the sky along what the Sorrento gang calls "the edge of the 'skyscraper belt' on 48th Street and 8th Avenue." The ungainly sidewalk shed surrounding the site at 785 Eighth Avenue has come down and the glassy entry to the still unfinished lobby on West 48th is in full view. Still to go up over the front door is the sizable steel canopy, now parked against one sorry little tree on the cracked sidewalk along 48th Street.

The Brazil Grill, a festive eatery that offers "meats in skures" and is housed in the the wedge-shaped lot surrounded by the tower, suffered through various indignities during the construction period, including the gazillion gallons of concrete that were poured over its head, but its now out in the open once again. The 5-story building it calls home is clearly the worse for wear and could definitely use a bath, if not a complete makeover. All around there's still tons of time to do the final fixes.

Crews continue to work in the tower upstairs, where the oddly shaped floors were planned as a cashload of condos but now hold a ream of corporate rentals, with a "Penthouse Available" for the real big spenders. Those corporate abodes are available from BridgeStreet Worldwide and offer amenities galore, including "Iron and ironing board." BridgeStreet previously planned to welcome residents in the Spring 2009, but now declare that this one is ***Opening Spring of 2010***. However that, too, could change. All those asterisks leave plenty of room for addenda and adjustments.
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785 Eighth Avenue

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