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Rendering/Rendering/Reality: Burg's 40 Berry Unveiled!

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Back in May we checked in on 40 Berry, a new seven-story building at Berry and North 12th Street in Williamsburg, but the luxury rental (parking! swimming pool!) was still hiding behind oodles of scaffolding. Now some of those coverings have finally come off, but, uh, maybe 40 Berry was better off in hiding. Harsh, we know, but what's with the colored panel overload, the likes of which haven't been seen since dear old One Ten 3rd? And where are those promised zig-zagging beams at the bottom of the building? A-ha, that's where the plot thickens!

Head on over to the Perkins Eastman website and you'll notice that the architects have swapped in a new rendering of 40 Berry, and the updated design matches up pretty well with what's been revealed. The new rendering (also seen in the gallery above) includes the more traditional base and, yes, a healthy dollop of red, orange, and brown spandrel glass panels. So even though we were ready to flunk 40 Berry in this round of Rendering/Reality, we can't. For better or worse, the building is what was (eventually) advertised. Any fans out there?
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