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Broadway's Shady Stretch Becoming Boutique Hotel Mecca

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Yesterday's CurbedWire included an item about a new mystery hotel on Broadway that appears to have everything in place except for one of those pesky entrance thingies. Apparently this unidentified hotel has been something of a neighborhood curiosity, because a few readers e-mailed to tell us the building is on the northwest corner of Broadway and 26th Street, not 28th Street as our initial tipster indicated. It will be called the Flatiron Hotel, and here's some more info from a tipster:

I live on the block and this building was once filled with counterfeit goods—it took the police days to empty it. While the bottom hasn’t been renovated yet, the deli owner across the street tells me it will be all glam with a glass street level façade and a roof top bar/lounge which I can see is being constructed from my apartment. Yet another rooftop hotel bar? Welcome to the club! The Flatiron has a placeholder website up right now with some additional details, but the fun doesn't end there.

Another tipster points us to a recent press release announcing the Flatiron Hotel's fall opening, and check out these fancypants touches:

The property will include 64 guestrooms, a rooftop bar, full-service restaurant, a fitness center and even a two-story fish tank in the lobby. The guestroom décor will be reminiscent of the finest hotel rooms. With Venetian walls, platform beds, luxurious linens, mechanized drapes, wall-mounted flat screen plasma televisions, and even a television embedded in the bathroom mirror, guests will have the latest technology at their fingertips while being surrounded by luxury at every turn.Just remember to wash your hands after touching that remote control! Meanwhile, the Flatiron joins the new Ace Hotel at 29th Street and the imminent NoMad Hotel at 28th Street on this forlorn stretch of Broadway. Is this nameless neighborhood (NoMad is going to have to bribe us for an endorsement) becoming the Boutique District?
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