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Leaning Tower of Broadway's New Neighbor Goes Green

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[Rendering via SLCE Architects.]

The city's biggest erector set has been holding up the sad and tipsy 287 Broadway near City Hall for almost two years, but changes are afoot! The gang at SLCE Architects is showing a newish design for 57 Reade Street, this one in bright spring green rather than the moody blue previously displayed. But that's not the only change down on Broadway.

The massing hasn't changed much, and the building will still climb nearly to the top of Cass Gilbert's grand masterpiece next door, but down below there's a big difference: Some super supports are being sunk into the ground. According to paperwork at the Buildings Department, where permits are now in effect for the 20-story, 84-unit project, "Vertical Bracing shown on plans at the south wall of 287 Broadway are capable of being removed in the future in the event that work is performed at 287 Broadway to make it self supporting."

That's not what we'd a call a vote of confidence 287 Broadway, whose problems began when digging started at the SLCE site, will ever stand up on its own. Considering the nasty mess that hit the other end of Reade Street a few months back, the extra underpinning is definitely the right way to go. The project's developer still ">lists the units here as "condominiums" and claims that it "is scheduled for completion in 2010." SLCE, however, puts the finish line sometime in 2011.
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57 Reade Street

57 Reade Street, New York, NY 10007